I haven’t been posting and I have a good reason this time. Two good reasons.

The first: I moved at the beginning of the month. That was a while ago, I know, but between moving and work there isn’t a lot of time left to fiddle around on blogs. There is also the matter of not having a desk, which makes working at the computer more than a little uncomfortable. I currently have a box. It is not a large box.

Second: My computer’s hard drive failed and because all of my money went toward getting an apartment and moving… there is no fixing it. I was able to rig up a working solution with my old laptop, which had no working screen and an obsolete version of Ubuntu installed (still better than Vista). Of course, I put that all together and then broke it with my meddling, which prompted an infuriating week and half of winged solutions.

It is all working now though, so hurrah to that. I have a ton of stuff to write and post and we’ll see if that ever comes about. For now, I’m in pain and tired and I’m heading back to bed.


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