New Ellis(?) – Injection & Others

“Yep, that sounds like a Warren Ellis comic.”

That’s pretty much all I can say about this new project. It sounds like something he would write. Hell, it sounds so familiar that he may have already written it several times already across a number of titles. I could try to summon up some excitement for it, but I am not a comics fan and will probably skip this one.

I’m more excited by the the prospect mentioned in his recent newsletter:

With these two new talks I’m writing, and probably another one in May, I’m hoping to wrap almost all my talks into an ebook at some point in the near future. I’m not convinced anyone would pay money for a print version, and I’m not certain I could fill out a print book anyway — with the next three talks, I’d probably be looking at a total of 25,000 words, maybe a little less.

It might sound odd considering his overwhelming popularity in the comics world, but Ellis’ prose work is what made me a fan. I was introduced to his writing through one of his many outlets. Whether that was his site, a blog, or one of his columns, I can’t remember anymore. Crooked Little Vein probably played a role. He was one of my favorite writers before I ever picked up one of his comics.

That might explain why a new comic announcement elicits a shrug, but the offhand mention of a possible e-book, even one discussing something as esoteric as “the confluence of folkloric mysticism and the oncoming future”, makes me want to throw money at him. And yes, I would gladly pay for a print copy–just as I bought Do Anything. and Shivering Sands.

Speaking of columns, he is now writing for Esquire, which is perhaps the only reason why I would ever visit that site.

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